The Land's End Sessions

Traditional Irish Music on Flute, Fiddle and Guitar

The Land's End Sessions Album Cover Steffen, Cornelius and Barbara

In late 2012, two good friends started recording the music they love at the Land's End Studio in Hanover, for the sheer fun of it. There was no plan, no deadline, they just went into the studio for recording sessions whenever time permitted. When things started shaping up, they decided to ask another good friend for her support - and she said yes! So, after many long days and nights, here they are: The Land's End Sessions.


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Steffen Gabriel: flute, whistle
Cornelius Bode: guitar, acoustic bass, bodhrán
Barbara Hintermeier: fiddle


"The overriding standout here is not their technical mastery though, it’s the sheer expression of enjoyment and love for the music, the purity in each phrase that sparks a connection with the listener. The combination of flute, fiddle and strings, when played directly on the melody, just lifts the roof with unadorned delight, sample the full force in the Quinn’s set of reels that dance and meander in a delightfully up tempo way. Inspired by Peter Horan, influenced by Sligo greats, Gabriel plays the music of Connacht like a native."
-- Irish Music Magazine

"An incredibly good album. All ten sets of tunes are great, so I had a really hard time choosing between them for this programme. Fortunately, there are more shows to come ..."
-- Insa McLean, "Folkclub" (Radio Ostfriesland)

"As a duo and trio, such beautifully rendered and pure music, naturally composes this album into a very sweet and well prepared musical banquet."
-- Dave Sheridan

“This is a fantastic album, with great life and energy, which even some of the best Irish musicians can't reproduce to the same quality as these guys! A real gem, and very much worth the two and a half year wait!”
-- Dermot Mulholland, Réalta

Album available!

Our album is finally available worldwide! We released it on June 23rd 2015. The album, including ten tracks of irish trad music with a total playing time of 46:15 minutes, comes right to your doorstep for 17 € within Germany or 19 € including worldwide shipping. To whet your appetite, here's a little teaser (11 MB):

The album comes in a fully featured jewelcase box, with a coloured booklet containing full liner notes.

To order the album, please choose your shipping option and click the "Buy now" button below. If you're not comfortable with using PayPal for payment, send us an email using the form on the right. We'll send you our account details for a wire transfer then.


And here is the track list with all the tunes included:

  1. The League 4:36
    Reels: The League / Eanach Mhic Coilin / Sugar Shake
  2. The Mirror 4:30
    Waltz, Jigs: The Mirror Waltz / The Mirror Jig / The Red Lantern
  3. Silver Spear 2:38
    Reel: The Silver Spear
  4. The Moon And The Seven Stars 4:58
    Jigs: The First Pint / The Mouse In The Kitchen / The Moon And The Seven Stars
  5. Quinn's 3:53
    Reels: Quinn's / Father Newman's / The Boy On The Mountain Top
  6. Kitty Lie Over 4:53
    Jigs: Kitty Lie Over / The Lilting Fisherman / The Bank Of Turf
  7. Splendid Isolation 4:44
    Reels: Splendid Isolation / Farewell To Philip Lane / John Stenson's
  8. The Sweetness Of Mary 5:19
    Strathspey, Reels: The Sweetness Of Mary / The Shoemaker's Daughter / The Abbey Reel
  9. Paddy Fahy's 4:57
    Jigs: Paddy Fahy's / The Humours Of Glynn / Whelan's
  10. Palmer's Gate 5:18
    Reels: The Highest Hill In Sligo / Wissahickon Drive / Palmer's Gate

As a little bonus, here we have a video we recorded - it contains the whole "Palmer's Gate" set. Have fun!

We hope that you enjoy listening to the album as much as we enjoyed recording it!